We have long taken advantage of the huge variety of medicinal compounds produced by plants….

Now MIT chemists have found a new way to expand plants’ pharmaceutical repertoire by genetically engineering them to produce unnatural variants of their usual products…..

Guys,we think there is only one thing left……..to produce some damn bucks from the plants!….


-Good news for Brazil fans-

Posted: January 11, 2011 in you wanna PLAY?

Ronaldinho returns to Brazil !!!!

Former AC Milan forward Ronaldinho has signed for Brazilian club Flamengo until 2014, the 30-year-old confirmed on Monday.Woah! he’s got some cool moves!!!!

Barcelona and Real Madrid be careful 🙂

The world’s largest cruise ship……….here are some features of the mean green machine.But take my word for it You gotta have those damn bucks to step-up!! Here we go:

  • A Zip-line
  • A Casino
  • A mini Golf Course
  • Multiple Night Clubs
  • Several Bars and Lounges
  • A Karaoke Club
  • Comedy Club
  • 5 Swimming Pools, Volleyball and Basketball Courts
  • Theme Parks and Nurseries for Children.

Sure,it must be better than my Fiat…..

First of all,let me assure you that engineering and medicine are not the only career options .There are a hundred or a thousand options to choose from.But the problem is “how do you decide on one particular career field?”

This is a problem faced by every Tom,Dick and Harry.So,after doing a little bit of research,I have come out with some tips on how to choose a career field.

Here we go:

1) Begin by determining what you like to do:A lot of people determine their career-field by looking at others.Parents,Teachers,Peers are the determining factors in most of the cases.Such a selection ends up in a successful career very rarely.

2) Think of fields more broadly: A field of work is far more than just a single tedious job.You will have several job opportunities in a single field.For example,if you choose engineering,you will have several job opportunities like, you can be an employee for a company,you can be a lecturer in an engineering college etc.I think you got my point.

3) Learn as much as possible about the fields that interest you: You will need to do a little bit of research work like I did in drafting this article.

4)Learn from other’s experience: Find and talk to people who are already in the field that you are planning to take-up. Find the possible Pros and cons in that field

5) Signup with institutes which offer training for your career plan.

6)Last and most important: Begin early and keep positive confidence.

and remember: Sign of a winner is to Excel in whatever field he is.So be positive and be the Winner.


Delphi Automotive’s Connectivity Navigation Radio (CNR) platform is now available on Audi‘s newest vehicles

, the sophisticated A6 Sedan and the elegant Audi A7 Sportback. Designed to enhance the ability of vehicle manufacturers to differentiate their vehicles with new and innovative technology, the infotainment product has made it possible for Audi to easily adjust its media center capability to meet the unique needs of these and future vehicles.

A news piece that appeared in weekly world news has made all the tech blogs go crazy.It stated that facebook will be closing down in march.People were so alarmed that some of them even tried to contact facebook executives to confirm the report.Some of them even commented below,about how they would miss facebook.Now that is something incredible.

Weekly world publishes articles like “ALIEN SPACESHIPS TO ATTACK EARTH IN 2011” and “SCIENTISTS CLONE DINOSAUR” etc.Now how can you believe such a site?

Shutting one of the most profitable enterprises like facebook does seem to be insane on part of Mark Zuckerberg.

Tell us what you feel.