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Call them the new million-dollar babies. Barely out of their teens and IIT campuses, they’re the new richie richs of India — graduate at 21, millionaire by 22. IITians are giving their IIM brethren a run for their money as global financial majors put an extra trust premium on the quantitative analytical skills of BTechs graduating from India’s premier technological institutes.

Campus placement drives at various IITs have just begun, but already, a US-based specialty fixed income manager Pimco has recruited three IIT Delhi final-year BTech students with a package of $100,000 for positions in California. That’s in the league of the Ivy League, and the best in IIT easily compares with the best in IIMs, India’s best and premier B-schools.

At IITs Bombay and Kanpur, the highest offers came for $90,000 per annum, both from Lime Group, a US-based financial and technology conglomerate. Ditto IIT Madras, where New York-based financial services major Bloomberg is at the top of the heap with a $90,000 per annum offer. Says a cocky 22-year-old who has been offered a job with Deutsche Bank, London: “Only second-rate IITians now go to IIMs.”

And you thought these guys were nerds!??


First of all,let me assure you that engineering and medicine are not the only career options .There are a hundred or a thousand options to choose from.But the problem is “how do you decide on one particular career field?”

This is a problem faced by every Tom,Dick and Harry.So,after doing a little bit of research,I have come out with some tips on how to choose a career field.

Here we go:

1) Begin by determining what you like to do:A lot of people determine their career-field by looking at others.Parents,Teachers,Peers are the determining factors in most of the cases.Such a selection ends up in a successful career very rarely.

2) Think of fields more broadly: A field of work is far more than just a single tedious job.You will have several job opportunities in a single field.For example,if you choose engineering,you will have several job opportunities like, you can be an employee for a company,you can be a lecturer in an engineering college etc.I think you got my point.

3) Learn as much as possible about the fields that interest you: You will need to do a little bit of research work like I did in drafting this article.

4)Learn from other’s experience: Find and talk to people who are already in the field that you are planning to take-up. Find the possible Pros and cons in that field

5) Signup with institutes which offer training for your career plan.

6)Last and most important: Begin early and keep positive confidence.

and remember: Sign of a winner is to Excel in whatever field he is.So be positive and be the Winner.