Attention:Facebook is not as private as you expect it .Next time, don’t give up your private info on FB…

Posted: January 18, 2011 in Facebook and other Social-Media news, Uncategorized

My first reaction to the announcement Facebook made was “What The ****“. which pretty much summarizes what I think of the latest move by the social networking giant. Facebook has silently made available, user’s address and mobile phone number to third-party apps. The only thing that is required is your explicit permission when the standard dialog box opens.

current address mobile phone Facebooks New Data Sharing Is A Slap On The Face Of Privacy[Update: Facebook Steps Back]

What worries me is the fact that people do not read what’s written in the dialog box. I have friends who use Facebook and they do not seem to to care what access they are providing to the third-party applications. If this is the case with adults, then you can never expect your kids to know the details. Facebook is known to be used by stalkers and fraudsters and the new rules seem to abet the crimes they commit and providing address details is the worst of the two.

So next time,think twice before you click that “Allow” button in tag your friends.

Don’t allow networking to Become NET-working….hope you get it!

keep your replies coming……


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